IT Outsourcing

Body Leasing

IT outsourcing is an excellent strategic decision in situations of increased number of tasks, temporary demand for more employees with qualifications that are missing in your company on a daily basis or deputies for people who have taken a holiday in a crucial period for your current activity. Awareson has continuing access to top-shelf verified specialists with excellent reputation and high adaptability. In the Body Leasing model, we find employees for the customer for the indicated period and in the defined technological and design areas. This way the customer gains access to the knowledge and tools they need here and now, in a strictly defined timeframe — on a daily or ad-hoc basis — on specified days of the month.

In the Body Leasing model, our specialists sign a fixed-term contract with us. It is we who negotiate the terms of the contract which will meet the needs of both parties and guarantee successful cooperation. In this model, the customer can focus on optimizing the costs and flexibility of cooperation, efficiently responding to changes in their company and projects.

When deciding on IT contracting, the customer doesn’t have to involve their staff or internal HR team in a time-consuming and costly recruitment process aimed at a full-time employee. The customer only has to verify and accept the reported number of hours worked by our specialist. We do the rest — from creating and signing of the contract to the issue and payment of the invoice. We have already contracted over 1,000 specialists in the Body Leasing model — we are experts in this field.

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Team Leasing

Leasing of the Entire Team

If you need an entire team of specialists who will complete your project end-to-end or support it with specific qualifications, we are there to help you identify the necessary roles in the project and create a team ready to act on your terms. As a provider of Team Leasing services in Poland, we are distinguished by many years of experience and the support of many customers. Depending on your requirements, the team can work remotely, at the customer’s premises or in an office organized by us. We have extensive experience in running projects of varying degrees of complexity, which allows us to precisely select an entire team where nobody will be missing at any stage of the project. When dealing with IT contracting, we realize that we are responsible for bringing each contract to an end. When building a team, we take into account the specificity of the project, as well as the processes and methodology applied at the customer’s. The specialists we hire are highly qualified employees, who quickly adapt to new conditions, and they can and do enjoy working in such a model. The service is on our side and they can fully focus on the customer’s project.

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If your job advertisements and marketing campaigns do not achieve the desired results and your internal recruitment department does not provide the specialists you expect, our recruiters are there to help you.

When recruiting for the customer, we promote their company and brand, ensuring that the candidates are fully aware of their advantages resulting from its atmosphere, work culture and relations between employees. We point out the benefits offered by the customer along with opportunities for professional development. When working with us, you can choose from among reliably recruited people who exactly match the profile of the employee sought for and really want to work for you. And if your requirements prove too high in the context of the current situation in the IT market, or if your budget is too small and does not match the reality, we will inform you about it immediately and we will not promise anything impossible. We value both yours and our time. We are a recruitment and consulting company — first of all, we care about the trust of our customers and do not work on requirements that we do not believe in. Integrity and responsibility guide our actions at every stage of cooperation.

Managed Services

The fourth model of cooperation that we offer is the so-called Managed Services, which include testing, systems and applications management as well as service and user support within the Service Desk. We know how to effectively take over the maintenance of environments and areas indicated by the client, while maintaining the operational continuity of the business process. Thanks to ITIL standards and a transparent and reliable recruitment process, the specialists we hire achieve impressive KPIs (in terms of agreed SLA). Depending on the customer’s requirements, the team can work online, at the customer’s premises or in an office organized by us. It is a model that allows significant cost optimization without sacrificing quality.

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