SAP Job Opportunities

We are a team of highly qualified specialists. We do not spam or offer inadequate offers at a time when candidates are far from accepting new tasks. We know what we are talking about, being proficient in technological matters.

Our individual approach ensures that we have been focusing entirely on your expectations and needs from the very beginning of the recruitment process. We respect your time and constraints. We put a heart into our work, and our way is authenticity and being down-to-earth in our relationships with the candidates.

Below you will find job opportunities for which we are currently recruiting. If you have not found an offer for your job — don’t worry! Send us your CV and we will find a job that’s perfect for you!

SAP Consultant

Awareson Company is looking for SAP technology specialists for various positions, including SAP Consultant. As our future employee, you must remember that we are distinguished by a human attitude towards job interviews. We do not rely solely on automatic tools testing technical knowledge. You can be sure that we will not leave you face-to-face with the screen, exposing you to a faceless recruitment process. We are much more interested in practice than in theory.

We want to find out what motivates you to work the most and what disturbs you. If anything is missing in your current career, we will help you find it in the company and a model of cooperation that suits you.

Below are current job opportunities for a SAP Consultant.

SAP Developer

SAP Developer is one of the positions for which we are currently recruiting.  Our customers precisely define working conditions, their expectations and your future responsibilities. We have many job offers because our recruiters make every effort to hire a suitable person according to his or her requirements as well as the requirements of the future employer. We present you with facts and not empty, beautifully wrapped promises.

Therefore, if you are interested in working in SAP Developer positions and other positions from our offer — send us your CV and we will find a perfect workplace for you that meets your expectations. We recruit for companies with different profiles — from inspiring start-ups to multimillion corporations. Each of our customers is fully aware of the fact that their success is determined by the selection of employees with the appropriate attitude and competence level. They understand that the personal success of people who implement their company vision is an integral part of their business plan. The exact and precise definition of your tasks, responsibilities, and development paths is the goal that has guided us all from the very beginning of the recruitment process.

Below are current job opportunities for a SAP Developer.

All Job Opportunities

In addition to SAP Developer or SAP Consultant positions, our qualified recruiters are also looking for specialists in other areas of SAP technology, backend, frontend or Middleware, and many more. For more information on the technology and collaboration models in which you can work for us, please refer to the IT Services which are the part of our business.

All job opportunities, we've got for you, you can find in 'Get Hired in IT' section.
Remember, you can always leave your CV and we will find the perfect workplace for you to meet your requirements.

Contact us — we will find an opportunity that is perfect for you!