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Experts forecast that by 2020, there will be one million IT professionals missing on the market. Such competitive environment requires strong headhunting skills and excellent networking opportunities. Recruiting for the IT world means participating in the rapid technological change that inevitably takes over many areas of life, which is ground-breaking, demanding and exciting at the same time.

Awareson is the best company to start or upgrade your headhunting career. With the 10-year experience that we have, gathered in the top London consulting agencies, we not only know how to run the full 360 recruitment process maximizing its advantages, but we have also learned how to share our expertise with other recruiters, teaching them effectively how establish long term relationships with both clients and candidates.

We perfectly realize that no IT Professional will talk to a person who is not tech savvy and well familiar with the IT areas they're servicing. All our recruiters are recognized partners in discussion, who exactly know how to proceed and satisfy the recruitment needs of both sides. As the company founders, we do our best to provide an in-depth training and high-end mentoring to our recruiters on daily basis. With our guidance, your career is safe and deemed to succeed.


Why Awareson?

Huge earning potential

Are you annoyed by the salary gap between you and the experts you're finding a job for? Providing a clear structure and transparent commission system, we make it possible for our recruiters to reach 5- or 6-figure salaries. You will work in a small team coordinated by top specialists, with access to the latest recruitment tools and expanded network. Your effort and success won't be overseen.

Constant specialization

We will lead your career and help you find the best direction for your constant development, helping you specialize and make the best of your talent and skills. Thanks to verticalization in our firm, you will be dedicated to a specific technology area you will be trained about on regular basis.

Common Success Story

We want you to be motivated and passionate about your own work so that you can easily pass it on to the professionals you are finding jobs for. We want you to influence our brand and be a part of the decision-making process related to our values, habits and mission. Team work and celebrating our successes together is what makes our company unique.

New standards in recruitment

Forget unmanageable excels, unanswered calls and interrupted processes. With the innovative tools, measurements and techniques that we use in our daily work, you will never get lost in the process or waste your time on useless, inefficient tasks or contacting the wrong candidates. Sending an untargeted, spammy request is not an option in our firm. We are very protective of your and our own reputation. Acting ethically, competently and efficiently is what defines Awareson.

We are always keen to hear from motivated and ambitious people looking to start or upgrade a career in recruitment.