SAP WM Consultants – who are they and what do they do?

SAP WM is an area of SAP that helps companies manage their daily warehouse operations from the moment goods enter the distribution centre until they leave. The WM system is a key component to help manage the supply chain while providing tools to manage resource utilisation or analysis. In short, the WM system is software that helps businesses control their daily warehouse operations.


Working as an SAP EWM Consultant

The work of an SAP WM consultant is primarily based on the design, creation, development and optimisation of warehouse management processes. The daily activities the specialists in this position undertake depend on customer requirements, the available budget and individual procedures. In their work, SAP WM Consultants may encounter activities such as planning, supervising and implementing national or international SAP WM projects as well as providing comprehensive consulting or training services.

Main responsibilities as SAP WM Consultant

  • Working directly with customers – understanding their needs and assisting them with software configuration and implementation;
  • Involvement in the design and implementation of customer projects;
  • Carrying out the necessary analysis and consultation to identify business problems for the companies;
  • Conducting regular meetings with clients to support, build on and improve projects already implemented;
  • Being a support to your team;
  • Consulting with other SAP teams;
  • Possessing and putting into practice knowledge of SAP WM;
  • Participating in company meetings.

Skills required from an  SAP WM Consultant

If you are interested in working in the SAP WM area, you should know what requirements you need to meet to apply for this position. Here is what a sample list of requirements looks like:

  • X years of experience in SAP WM work (X depending on junior, mid or senior position);
  • Experience in project activities and analysis of projects prior to implementation;
  • Experience in providing knowledge of business process functionality;
  • Experience in the implementation of quoting and production planning projects;
  • Possess extensive knowledge of warehouse management processes;
  • Having experience in configuration and solution design of process strategies, PPF and warehouse structures;
  • Possess strong analytical, problem-solving skills, including the ability to articulate complex technical concepts in business areas;
  • Orientation in related SAP areas;
  • Comfortable in conducting discussions with business customers;
  • Possess strong verbal and written communication skills;
  • Fluency in English;
  • Flexibility and willingness to travel for business, including overseas;