We are a boutique recruitment company specialising in IT recruitment and SAP solutions

We have been on the market for six years, however, our team of experts boasts long experience in delivering employees to organisations in Poland and abroad.

The owners of the company have worked in major British recruitment agencies, and we derive our best practices in Candidate and Client service from this market in particular.

Why boutique agency?

Because we provide tailor-made solutions and individual approach to every Client and Candidate.

Some important facts about the company:

  • 3000+ successfully completed IT recruitment processes
  • 400+ permanent and body leasing/TL successfully recruited specialists in the last 3 years
  • 3 teams of specialized recruiters focusing exclusively on IT & ERP recruitment working in technology specialistic verticals
  • Supplier for the world’s largest enterprises Global Fortune 500 from the FMCG, Production, New Technologies, Energy, Biotechnology, Automotive sectors as well as BIG4 consulting companies and software houses
  • 40,000 unique candidates in the database, we use one of the best CRM/ATS systems in the world, additional tools for each recruiter, access to leading ad and social portals in the country and abroad
  • operating speed – a contractor delivered in 24-48 hours, an IT specialist on an employment contract in 5-7 business days
  • “not sell and forget attitude” – checking candidates’ references, excellent managing job postings, feedback, onboarding, candidate and client care throughout the entire cooperation period
  • quality – the highest quality applicants thanks to a comprehensive method of verifying candidates and customer needs. Providing only verified applicants, references, “security checks”, after-sales care
  • price – knowledge of market specifics, local rates
  • building a brand – when recruiting for a client, we promote their company and brand

Our values

as a business partner and employer

Within our company and when working with our Clients,
we are guided by values in which we believe.

They allow us to keep our identity and to be a great
employer and service provider.

Check out what guides us. Maybe we have a similar

  • we have our own opinion and respect the opinion of others
  • we both accept and give feedback
  • we tell the truth, regardless of the circumstances
  • we do not sweep anything under the rug
  • we dress as we feel comfortable
  • we treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • we do not judge
  • we ask, not assume
  • we can appreciate and thank you
  • we can admit a mistake and say sorry
  • we are constantly expanding our knowledge
  • we share it with colleagues
  • …and with our Clients (we want to educate the market)
  • we advise our Clients on the best solutions for them
  • we respect our competitors and learn from them
  • we keep our word
  • we do not promise more than we can deliver
  • we consider the consequences of our actions and decisions
  • we are systematic
  • we sow today to harvest tomorrow
  • we are persistent since we’re not always right the first time 🙂
  • we look for solutions, not problems
  • we support the team and are not afraid to ask for help.

how we work?

the match is the key word for us

you are our Client

Be sure our Candidates match your projects, and also have all the necessary competencies you require. When searching for Candidates for you, we focus not only on their talent but also on the soft skills which will help them adapt well to your organisation.

you are a Candidate

Be sure we will assist you in finding a job opportunity, which will help you grow professionally and live your life the way you want. We will take care of the relations with a prospective employer. We value your time. Our recruiters will guide you through the recruitment process and will keep you informed about ongoing proceedings.

We specialise in IT: Software Development and SAP, and we really like what we do. We strive to be better, constantly expand our knowledge with an aim to raise the standards of our services provided to you.

That is why we invest in market research and analyses, regularly attend conferences, workshops, training courses, and acquire new skills.

why choose us 


We have a wide range of projects within the IT services Outsourcing and full-time employment. Thanks to our technical knowledge and many years of experience, we are aware of the skills and level of involvement required from the specialist at a particular stage of the project.

With our support, you will hire exactly the people you need to do the job at the right moment, or you will land a job on a challenging project which will not interfere with your personal life after working hours.

flexible models of cooperation

We employ specialists in various cooperation models, such as Body Leasing, Managed Services, Full-time Employment, or Team Leasing. We recruit for companies of all sizes in various industries — from FMCG, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical to automotive.


We build lasting relations. We keep in touch with Candidates and monitor their status, as well as check satisfaction from ongoing projects. This regular contact allows us to be up to date with their professional development, as well as personal plans. We know which direction they want to take next. This helps us provide even better recommendations, be better consultants, and help them achieve success.

We ensure a thorough understanding of the specificity and requirements of projects that lie in the field of modern technologies. We deliver. We build a lasting relationship with the Client to become their partner and advisor even in the toughest recruitment situations.

individual approach and expertise

Consultants at Awareson are not only recruiters. These are experts with technical knowledge in their field of work. Therefore, we speak the language of both the Candidates and our Clients. We are capable of identifying their needs and delivering on them.

We seek solutions for each project and each partner individually. We care about your success and positive experience with us. Next time you may look for a change, new projects, or Candidates, we wish to be the ones you reach out to first.

our team






























Anna Szczepowska


mobile: +48 537 503 307

email: anna.szczepowska@awareson.com


I am the co-founder and co-owner of Awareson. I am responsible for running the company and its development strategy.

Creating a business gives me a lot of satisfaction and is my great passion. I want people to enjoy working in Awareson, and that Clients receive the highest quality of service according to the best standards. I am focused on the results. I love my job!

Mariusz Bąk

Business Development

mobile: +48 537 503 705

email: mariusz.bak@awareson.com


I am the co-founder and co-owner of Awareson. I am responsible for the company’s development and new business opportunities. I teach recruiters to sell headhunting services and acquire new clients.

I am meticulous. I like to know all possible solutions and their consequences. People can rely on me.

Karol Cieślukowski

Managing Director

mobile: +48 606 459 753

email: karol.cieslukowski@awareson.com


I manage the company from the operational and administrative side. I deal with the financial area, and support sales projects.

I really like streamlining! I am happy to look for solutions to even the most intricate and complicated tasks and processes.

Dorota Andrzejewska

Head of IT Recruitment & Client Experience

mobile: +48 606 848 824

email: dorota.andrzejewska@awareson.com


I am an expert in the field of IT recruitment and labor market. For more than a dozen years, I have been connecting IT experts with organizations that allow them to realize their potential and grow within the company’s structures by achieving even the most demanding business goals. At Awareson, I support the sales team, consultants 360 and IT recruiters I hire and develop, sharing years of industry knowledge. I make sure that the talent acquisition process in the IT world is unique, efficient and effective from the point of view of clients and candidates. I act as a business consultant for clients – both external and internal.

I am driven by working with people. I believe in the synergy effect. I uphold the high ethics of the recruitment consultant and IT sales profession.

Piotr Aftewicz

Head of Delivery

mobile: +48 730 888 846

email: piotr.aftewicz@awareson.com


I have over 15 years of experience in managing IT teams, hi-tech projects, and products, and technology and management are my passions.

I support the development and strategic activities of Awareson, overseeing the maintenance of outsourcing contracts and the delivery of Managed Services. I provide technical support in the bidding process (Concept – Estimation – Execution) and coordinate internal projects.

Anna Dobosz

Delivery Manager

mobile: +48 532 919 135

email: anna.dobosz@awareson.com


I am the first line of support for our IT/SAP specialists. I assist them with any questions during the project and any potential issues. I help extend contracts and match the next project to the specialist. I also stay in touch with clients for whom we carry out contracts.

I am motivated by learning new things, expanding my horizons, having an impact on company development, and building interpersonal relationships.


Marcin Szewczuk

Head of Growth

mobile: +48 504 433 651

email: marcin.szewczuk@awareson.com


I create and develop solutions for IT companies in Poland and worldwide. For over 10 years I have been organising IT projects and processes – from assessing their potential, through budget planning, to the details of implementation. In Awareson I am responsible for the department of quality IT outsourcing projects and company development.

The results of my own and my team’s work motivete me. I am a visionary focused on action. I easily establish new business relations, because I understand the needs of my clients, and I know how to make their projects a success.


Agata Paliwoda

Key Account Manager

mobile: +48 539 029 201

email: agata.paliwoda@awareson.com


I am responsible for new IT products and services – including SAP – for international clients. I have over 8 years of experience in this area. I help companies achieve their goals in the area of new technologies. I focus on building long-term relationships with clients, based on a well-thought-out strategy for supporting their business. I work on multi-stage projects, and adapt quickly to changes – I don’t treat them as a barrier, but as an evolution. Shortcuts are not for me.

I am motivated by the triple success: the client’s, the candidate’s and my own.

Aneta Szarow

Key Account Manager

mobile: +48 532 919 332

email: aneta.szarow@awareson.com


My focus is on providing our clients with specialist IT consultants, particularly in the Salesforce area.  I have nearly 20 years of experience in supporting businesses in the development of IT services.

At work, I am motivated by working with interesting people and the opportunity to build partnerships with clients.

Żaneta Rembisz

Key Account Manager

mobile: +48 662 267 077

email: zaneta.rembisz@awareson.com


I support IT companies and IT departments in the development of software development projects, especially in the areas of competency outsourcing, body leasing, and managed services. My experience in sales, management, and negotiations allows me to build long-term, partnership-based relationships where I strive to create win-win solutions.

I have a clearly defined goal, and my motivation is continuous growth, which makes me open to change and ambitious. I am inspired by people, especially those for whom limitations do not exist.

Mateusz Radecki

Key Account Manager

mobile.: +48 539 029 897

email: mateusz.radecki@awareson.com


I provide professional services to Awareson’s key clients, and build and maintain relationships with key contractors. I create the image of the company through high quality customer service.

What motivates me at work is the opportunity to develop, to learn new skills. Work-life balance is very important to me. I code in Java as a hobby, and am interested in Cyber security.

Radosław Boniecki

Key Account Manager - SAP

mobile: +48 787 027 102

email: radoslaw.boniecki@awareson.com


In Awareson, I am responsible for the SAP consulting area. I support Polish and international clients in effectively utilizing SAP outsourcing, especially in the field of body leasing. I have 14 years of experience in business development in the SME and enterprise sectors. I have worked with Big Data technologies, AI-based products, and Machine Learning.

“Team spirit” is important to me in my work. I enjoy working with people and always look for the best in them.

Łukasz Dąbrowski

Account Manager – Software Development

mobile: +48 662 267 121

email: lukasz.dabrowski@awareson.com


I specialize in IT outsourcing in the field of Software Development – I support companies in developing their IT teams. Business partners appreciate my knowledge of new technologies, mainly in the areas of Cloud (especially Azure), DevOps, and Big Data. I help them better diagnose the specific IT skills they need for a given project and effectively present the offer to candidates.

I have been working in the IT industry for nearly 10 years. The success of my clients motivates me.

Anna Jaglińska-Prawdzik

Head od Marketing

mobile: + 48 532 605 820

email: anna.jaglinska@awareson.com


I share the story of our company with people. I am responsible for the image of Awareson, incl. PR, marketing, employer branding and social media. I make people know about our extremely interesting projects.

It makes me happy when, thanks to my work, people discover their new talents and take the risk to develop themselves.

Maja Wojciechowska

HR Business Partner

mobile: +48 539 600 903

email: maja.wojciechowska@awareson.com


I work with people and make sure they feel as comfortable as possible with us. I manage internal recruitment, onboarding, benefits and make sure we have a good atmosphere.

I get motivated by the music and laughter in the office.

Katarzyna Jędrzejczak

Business Administration Manager

mobile: +48 608 285 245

email: katarzyna.jedrzejczak@awareson.com


I look after our office and my colleagues, so that they do not worry about worldly matters, but can focus on their work in a relaxed atmosphere and surroundings.

I  get immense satisfaction from completing problematic and protracted tasks. I work best in situations where I have silence, a full set of data, and I can do my own thing from start to finish, without interruptions. Hence, I like tables!

Julia Daniszewska

Junior Administration Specialist

mobile: +48 539 260 032

email: julia.daniszewska@awareson.com


I am responsible for maintaining the smoothness of documentation archiving processes, reporting, and the seamless flow of information within the company, as well as the efficient functioning of the office. I have experience in supporting accounting.

I am motivated by people and their positive energy at work. I am passionate about improving internal communication. I love working with Canva.

Natalia Młynarska

Bussiness Administration Specialist

mobile: +48 539 260 248

email:  natalia.mlynarska@awareson.com


I am responsible for the whole administration of the company. My duties also include looking after contracts and orders, and in this aspect, I liaise with contractors and customers. In addition, I organise internal events.

In my work, I look at the entire process of a task or project entrusted to me. I value feedback after the work is done. I derive great satisfaction from a good end result. Privately and professionally, I am a very energetic person, which makes people smile, and I often see smiles around me. Needless to say,  I love working as part of a team.

Marta Prudel-Hankus

Head of Perm

mobile: +48 539 604 017

email: marta.prudel@awareson.com


I lead the permanent recruitment department at Awareson, overseeing all technology verticals including SAP, Software Development, Security, Business Intelligence & Big Data. My team works on a 360 model, supervising the entire recruitment process for both candidates and clients. I specialize in recruiting for director and managerial positions in IT.

I enjoy ambitious projects and am motivated by triple success – achieving success for the candidate, the client, and the company.

Karolina Zaniewska

Business Consultant – SAP Recruitment

mobile: +48 539 600 147

email: karolina.zaniewska@awareson.com


At Awareson, I am involved in SAP recruitment in a 360 model (the entire recruitment process from candidate to client, from CV to contract).

I am motivated by the satisfaction of helping others find a better job. In addition, I enjoy establishing and nurturing interpersonal relationships. Finally, something which I find particularly satisfying and very motivating, is the increasing number of women taking up IT jobs.

Ewelina Kędzierska

Business Consultant - IT Recruitment 180

mobile: +48 539 601 293

email: ewelina.kedzierska@awareson.com


I help clients find pearls on the job market, and enable candidates to find their dream employer. I specialise in recruitment in the area of software development.

I am motivated to work by personal development, the opportunity to gain valuable experience, and also to learn new skills. I have always known that I wanted my job to be about helping others, and I believe that working in recruitment is exactly that.

Julia Mitiakova

Business Consultant – IT Recruitment 180

mobile: +48 881 084 102

email: julia.mitiakova@awareson.com


I am a 180-degree recruiter responsible for recruiting SAP specialists. I have been involved in recruitment for 5 years, and I have been specializing in SAP for a year. I support the career development of ABAP developers, functional consultants, and managers in the SAP field. So far, I have mainly worked on international projects, primarily for companies in Europe (Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania).

I am motivated by the results of my work, especially when I achieve success in a rare field.

Marianna Żurek

Associate Business Consultant - IT Recruitment

mobile: +48 692 128 323

email: marianna.zurek@awareson.com


At Awareson, I am involved in the 360 recruitment process – from project acquisition, through building partner relationships with clients, understanding their needs, and providing advice in the IT&SAP market area, to finding specialists perfectly suited to each project. This allows me to derive satisfaction from the opportunity to develop both companies and IT&SAP professionals while expanding my own knowledge of this market.

I am motivated by new challenges, unconventional projects, and discovering the non-obvious.

Patrycja Cichocka

Business Consultant - Software Development Recruitment

mobile: +48 787 027 106

email: patrycja.cichocka@awareson.com


In my work, I rely on understanding the needs of the client and the IT specialist, which enables me to support companies in building IT teams and help professionals find the perfect job for themselves. I am responsible for recruitment in the software development field. With my knowledge of the market and technologies, I guide the hiring process from analyzing the needs of both parties to initiating the collaboration.

I am motivated by challenges and personal growth. The satisfaction of clients and candidates leads me to believe in our shared success, which serves as the best fuel.

Joanna Supryk

Team Leader – IT Recruitment 180

mobile: +48 539 017 302

email: joanna.supryk@awareson.com


I am responsible for recruitment in the IT outsourcing model, matching the best IT experts to projects, and ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of my team’s work. I propose the best solutions thanks to a deep understanding of the needs of clients and candidates.

I am well acquainted with the Scandinavian job market and speak Swedish, German, and English. I am motivated by passionate people, good energy, a common goal, and teamwork. I am fascinated by the agile approach and its use not only in project management but also in the HR field or in daily life for efficient adaptation to changes.

Maria Nachtygal

IT Business Consultant - IT Recruitment 180

mobile: +48 600 530 122

email: maria.nachtygal@awareson.com


I am a 180 recruiter, in the area of contract recruitment, and specialise in getting the best IT professionals. I am responsible for matching the right project to a candidate, and go through the majority of the recruitment process with them. I enjoy establishing a partnership with candidates and getting to know their expectations and motivations.

I am motivated to work by development – the candidate’s experience often becomes my experience. At work, I have the opportunity to carry out very interesting recruitment projects, so I have a good overview of what is happening in IT, and I know what projects and solutions are coming to the market in the near future. I am also very happy when a consultant is satisfied with the co-operation on offer, and I have been able, not only to influence their career path, but also, in fact, improve their financial situation.

Magdalena Rybicka

Business Consultant – IT Recruitment 180

mobile: +48 692 128 802

email: magdalena.rybicka@awareson.com


I am involved in IT recruitment, which is what I specialise in, but I am also increasingly involved in SAP recruitment.

I am motivated by the vision of successfully ‘closing’ recruitment projects, after which, both the candidate and the client are satisfied. Besides, I am motivated by new projects, and types of challenges  that allow me to expand my competences and increase my IT knowledge.

Klaudia Dąbkowska

Senior Business Consultant – IT Recruitment 180

mobile: +48 882 550 530

email: klaudia.dabkowska@awareson.com


I specialize in SAP recruitment for contract positions. I have been working in recruitment for over 7 years, with the last 3 years dedicated to IT recruitment. In addition to SAP, I also have knowledge in Software Development, and I am a certified ISTQB tester. I have experience in fulfilling orders for both Polish and international companies.

I am motivated by the opportunity for personal growth and expanding my horizons.

Marek Janicki

Digital Marketing Expert

mobile: +48 881 094 412

email: marek.janicki@awareson.com


I look after the website, and I take care of its visibility in the natural search results. I run paid advertising campaigns on the Internet., and my work also involves sending out newsletters.

I am motivated by appropriate selection of traffic channels, so that the quality of the traffic is as high as possible, and the results are satisfactory.