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Outsourcing of Services

Why do we care about your success? We want to share what we consider to be the most valuable in a successful professional life — satisfaction that translates into all other areas of life. We want you to remain an inspiring leader, followed by satisfied employees and contractors, taking the same direction and investing in the same values.

How does Awareson Company Operate?

Competences are our mantra. We know how to identify them and check their level. When carrying out activities related to outsourcing of services, we understand perfectly well what is necessary to complete the task. All the candidates we recommend are professionals — cream of the crop of IT industry — who worked for us earlier or have been recommended by other professionals from different regions of Europe. We thoroughly verify the experience of our candidates, knowledge of the required foreign languages, as well as soft skills. We do not skip any aspect, but we also skillfully focus on what is most important from the point of view of your project. We want the specialist we recommend to have the necessary competences and to fit well within the culture of your organization. We analyze the plans and expectations of each candidate. We know many of them personally. We are aware that in such a competitive market, a recruitment company must rely on maintaining bonds. Establishing contact is not enough.

Our candidates not only fit your projects perfectly, but will also open up new perspectives for them. We are looking not only for talents in your future employees, but also for qualities that will match your work environment. We have a common goal — to increase the revenue of your company, achieve your goals and strategy without losing quality.

We invest in modern market research and analysis to a much greater degree than our competitors. Recruiters at Awareson Company specialize in the IT area for which they recruit. They regularly take part in trainings, conferences and workshops on topics that are their everyday domain. The understanding they build with our candidates in this way translates into mutual trust. This in turn will bear fruit from the first day of your cooperation with the employee we have acquired.

Why Awareson?

A wide range of projects within the Outsourcing of Services

At Awareson, we recruit specialists to work on various types of projects — from greenfield implementations, through rollouts to upgrades. Thanks to our technical knowledge and many years of experience, we are aware of what skills and the level of involvement are required from the specialist at a particular stage of the project. With our support, you will hire exactly the people you need to do the job at the right moment.

Flexible Cooperation Models

We employ specialists in various cooperation models, such as: Body Leasing, Managed Services, recruitment of permanent employees or Team Leasing. We recruit for companies of all sizes in various industries — from FMCG, through manufacturing and pharmaceutical to automotive companies. Learn more about cooperation models.

Impressive knowledge of the IT Market and Outsourcing of Services

We have been strategically expanding our network of contacts every day for more than 10 years. We research trends and the situation on the IT market. We regularly review the situation of current and future candidates by updating our contact database with information which is the key to the possible recruitment process. We maintain good relations with people in our database and we can estimate when they will be ready to work in the next contract, in what direction they want to develop and how to encourage them to participate in your project.

You will find tailor-made services at Awareson

Thanks to the specialization system in our company, your future employee will be recruited by people who have technical knowledge in the area for which they recruit. Thanks to our knowledge of the IT market, we gain the trust of our candidates by speaking their language and easily answering the most advanced questions, which makes them more open to negotiations and willing to cooperate efficiently.

For more information on the technologies and service areas provided by our candidates, please visit the subpage SAP Technologies. If you are looking for an IT specialist, IT Outsourcing services or professional information about the IT market, please contact us. We remain at your disposal.

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