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Outsourcing of IT Human Resources

About Awareson

Awareson specializes in outsourcing of IT Human Resources and has been established by recruiters with over ten years of experience in hiring world-class specialists. We deal with IT recruitment in various cooperation models, as well as consulting in the field of services and IT professionals. We have explored the secrets of our profession by working for leading agencies in London for many years, and learning from the best. We have extensive experience in carrying out a full 360 recruitment process for prestigious clients and consulting companies. Our headquarters is located in Warsaw, in a dynamically developing IT Services center.

Do you know what we like the most at our company? The fact that every day we all come to work to do what we love. Awareson is an unprecedented passion and attention to detail. We are driven by an endless desire to discover and deliver top talents in the competitive world of IT Human Resources Outsourcing. We operate based on meticulously developed metrics. We know that haste is a bad adviser, but the sense of time and place is the basis for our decisions. Like no one else we understand that an efficient and skillful recruitment process is in the best interest of all stakeholders — the synchronized satisfaction of the customer, candidate and recruiter is a Perpetuum mobile of fruitful cooperation. Competences are our mantra.

IT Recruitment Areas

During our ten-year career, the IT specialists we hired successfully took part in more than 1,500 contracts in the EMEA region in various collaborative models, in areas such as:

  • SAP
  • Software development
  • Middleware development
  • Quality control
  • BI
  • Big Data

Here you can find more information about SAP Solutions.

IT Job Market

We believe that only the most talented, appropriately motivated and, above all, educated recruiters will have succeed on the market which is increasingly becoming an employee market. We look for professionals, and we rely on professionalism ourselves. Aware of an enormous competition and rapid changes in IT, SAP job market, we invest in the best training for our employees, dedicated tools, and a modern CRM system, as well as a customized and well thought-out motivational program. By rewarding our recruiting colleagues and supporting their activities, we analyze not only the number of hours spent on phone calls, the number of candidates found, verified CVs or specialists invited to the final interview, but also the end result of the entire recruitment process, which, in our understanding, shall create and maintain a long-term relationship with both the candidate and the customer.

Our success is measured by our professional achievements and the sense of fulfillment in customers and employed specialists, as well as the continuous development of our own recruitment team. Are you looking for an IT specialist or a team of experts? Are you working in IT and need a new challenge? Do you want to join a modern team of well-informed recruiters? Contact us. We remain at your disposal.

Outsourcing of IT Human Resources and IT Recruitment - Advantages of the Company’s Activities

Expertise in IT Human Resources

Specializing in interpersonal communication, we are guided not only by knowledge, but also by intuition and the sixth sense, which is second to none. We constantly expand our technical knowledge of the areas required in the IT market. We keep our extensive network of contacts in a well-thought-out manner in a dedicated CRM system, which makes our recruitment decisions always a home run. As part of IT Recruitment, we only contact candidates appropriate for a given role, available within the planned budget and timeframe.

Enthusiasm related to Consulting and Recruitment in IT Areas

We work exclusively on orders we are crazy about. We want your next project and role to be just as exciting and relevant as our work is for ourselves. Our recruiters are highly qualified and competent people who are really doing the job. Our candidates are also just like that — we have friendly relations, which naturally transfer to cooperation between them and the customer. Similarly the customers themselves — they like to work with us and they want to be positively perceived.

Respect for the IT Industry

When making contact with you, we listen and, what's more — we hear. We understand your expectations and respect your time. We speak the language of our candidates and we know our customers’ needs by heart. We don’t hunt heads and CVs. We talk, recognize, and appreciate the importance of both talents and needs. What you will find here are only specialist offers for jobs in IT and SAP.


We introduce new standards of IT recruitment in Poland, equally taking into account all stakeholders: IT Specialists, Customers, and Recruiters themselves. We make every effort to ensure that everyone’s needs are met and that the terms of cooperation are transparent for everyone. We personalize our recruitment processes depending on the situation and the people involved. We care about communication and guarantee that cooperation with us is a pure pleasure resulting from the world-class customer service.

Agility in IT Outsourcing

We are aware of how crucial time is in the IT world. We are matter-of-fact, and we value both your and our time. Many of the candidates in our database have passed their previous qualifications, and many of them have already worked for our clients, gaining their recognition and thus the trust of Awareson. A good relationship builds mutual trust and loyalty of our candidates, which is why we are not only able to provide their service within a few hours, but often have exclusive rights to their services.


We do not conceal the fact that we are inspired by the latest trends in technology and IT recruitment techniques, but we also care about the human dimension of communication. A comprehensive interview is, in our view, the basis for factual evaluation and right decisions. We appreciate job search applications and automatic tools to test the technical knowledge of candidates, but we would never give up on personal contact with the candidate and substantive interviews conducted by our technical consultants.

Communication Skills

Business hours? We never close! We are at your disposal at every stage of recruitment and cooperation. We inform the candidates precisely about the next stages of the process and conditions of cooperation. We promptly respond to e-mails, answer phone calls, call back on time and support our contractors in various activities related to contract handling and all formalities.

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