Team leasing – what is it and is it a solution for your company?

IT team leasing (also known as IT leasingteam or IT leasing team) is a great way to hire skilled professionals without having to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of recruiting employees for your company. Team leasing is a related service to body leasing, except that the former involves hiring a single employee, while the latter involves hiring an entire team.

Advantages of team leasing

In the case of team leasing, we can present an analogous situation to body leasing:

If you need IT specialists, e.g. for the ongoing digital security of your company, but your business is not strictly IT-related, then sourcing an employee can be problematic. This is because you do not know exactly what hard competences the employee should have, your recruiters may not know this either. As a result, it will simply be difficult to verify which candidate for the position will have the competencies that your company cares about.

In such a situation, it is customary to use body leasing by hiring a specialist to carry out the given task. However, if your project is of a larger scale or you simply want to complete it in a shorter period of time, it is worth considering team leasing, i.e. hiring an entire team of IT specialists instead of a single employee.

Working with an external company that provides a team leasing service has many advantages. In addition to the reducing the costs of running a business, the following benefits can be highlighted:

  • releasing IT resources outsourcing the management of tasks related to the operation of the IT infrastructure to an external company allows the company to deal with other important topics, allowing for development in key areas,
  • increased productivity of the company by eliminating difficult and costly tasks to be carried out independently, you can focus on multiplying your profits faster and more effectively,
  • access to the latest technology and IT solutions,
  • increased IT security – by transferring  the responsibility of IT infrastructure to specialists, it becomes possible to detect any security irregularities more quickly,
  • no need to maintain your IT department,
  • reduced human resources and HR responsibilities,
  • avoiding a costly recruitment process,
  • access to experienced staff who are specialists in their field,
  • completion of tasks of varying complexity in less time thanks to a team of specialists,
  • the ability to focus on other business processes by outsourcing IT tasks to external specialists,
  • minimising the risk of project delays an external company delegates experienced specialists to carry out specific IT support tasks (e.g. programming, security, data, ERP systems including SAP and others).

Team leasing offered by Awerson

As an Awerson company, we have experienced IT/SAP consultants with an excellent reputation and high adaptability. Our job is to find employees for the time specified, in jointly defined technological and project areas. In this way, you will gain access to the knowledge and tools you need here and now.

We have already contracted more than 1,000 specialists, so we can confidently say that we are already experts in this field. Our candidates work with us for a fixed period we negotiate with them the terms of the contract that will guarantee you a successful collaboration, while you can focus on cost optimisation and collaboration flexibility.

By working with us, you do not involve your team in the recruitment process everything is taken care of by us and it is up to you only to verify and accept the reported number of hours worked by our specialist.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to answer!