DevSecOps specialisation – What is it about?

DevSecOps is a collaborative platform that adds security practices to the field of DevOps, thus resolving tensions between DevOps, for whom the priority is the timely release of the software, and the security team, which focuses on software security.

The DevSecOps team is a combination of security practices and those related to software development. It can quickly deliver new software and services without exposing its users to security issues.


Key practices in the DevSecOps area

  1. Security – anyone whose work is based on software development should have experience and knowledge of security and have a sense of responsibility for this area.
  2. Implementation of security measures at every stage – it is extremely important that the scope of security covers not only the main pages of the application but also sub-pages, side-links and other elements.
  3. Automated operation – DevSecOps security tools must operate fully automatically – without additional manual configurations or custom scripts.
  4. Immediate results – for application security to be at its highest level, security tools must generate results in near real-time.
  5. Wide range of security implementation – security tools should work in all computing environments, including containers, clouds, hybrid clouds, Kubernetes, etc.
  6.  Accuracy – accuracy is another extremely important aspect of the use of security tools.It should beensured that the tool captures all threats, but false alarms must also be minimised. For this purpose the developer must implement appropriate security testing.
  7. Developer acceptance – everything about DevSecOps must be accepted by the people who will be developing the software, running tests, checking for security vulnerabilities and fixing security defects

The DevSecOps operations cycle

The operations occurring in DevSecOps, relate to the management of the functionality and development of the software throughout its delivery and use. This cycle is as follows:

  • monitoring system performance,
  • fixing defects found,
  • testing the software after updates and changes,
  • improving the software system.

DevSecOps has gained popularity in recent years as a way of combining key principles related to development cycles with project security, recognising that the two processes must work together effectively.

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