Who is a Fullstack Developer?

A Fullstack Developer is a programmer who has knowledge of both Frontend and Backend programming techniques. Thanks to the knowledge in both areas, the Fullstack Developer is a self-sufficient programmer and can design an application independently and then prepare the logical mechanics of the application, server or database administration, visual design, coding and system integration. It is for these reasons that the Fullstack Developer is one of the most sought-after specialists in the labour market.


Technology stack – What are the competences of a Fullstack Developer?

A Fullstack Developer usually becomes a programmer who already has coding experience, as it is easier for them to put together the knowledge they have gained during their career.

Knowledge of particular technologies is required for this position, and these include:

  • HTML5 and CSS3 – basic Frontend languages, which are the markup by which you describe the look of your application, define titles and place links,
  • JavaScript – a more advanced Frontend language, which is used to create all sorts of animations, transitions to other pages etc.,
  • at least one Backend language, e.g. Java, C++ or PHP,
  • a GIT control system,
  • databases, e.g. belonging to the SQL family, which are crucial, e.g. for sales applications,
  • at least one Frontend framework, e.g. React, and one Backend framework, e.g. Symphony,
  • HTTP principles and REST API design,
  • the NodeJS environment.

Tasks of the Fullstack Developer position

A Fullstack developer is a person who has essential knowledge, but is consequently burdened with a large number of tasks in their work. These include all areas related to the software development process. Tasks that a Fullstack Developer may perform include:

  • creating user interfaces,
  • preparing technical documentation,
  • writing unit tests,
  • co-designing new technical features with the UX Designer,
  • designing, developing and maintaining efficient code.

Where can a Fullstack Developer find a job?

As a Fullstack Developer is actually the most sought-after specialist in the IT industry, finding a job is not a problem. A desired job can be found almost anywhere – from a small start-up to large corporations. The industries that are most often looking for Fullstack Developers are companies related to auditing and consulting, communication and banking or accounting.

With their skills, Fullstack Developers can also become Freelancers and do custom web applications, desktops, etc. on their own.

Job offers for Fullstack Developer

Job offers for the position of Fullstack Developer are indeed numerous. The most common requirements apart from the previously mentioned hard skills, include excellent knowledge of English (at least B2 level, although C1 is the most common) and a wide range of soft skills, such as self-reliance, problem-solving skills and the ability to work in a team.

The most frequently recurring benefits declared in job advertisements for the position of Fullstack Developer include, among others: high salary, online recruitment, remote or hybrid working or fixed contract length. In addition, some adverts offer business travel, retraining budgets, paid holidays on a B2B contract and the opportunity to start immediately.

Average salaries for Fullstack Developers, employed on a contract basis depending on the position are 6,250 – 10,000 PLN for a junior, 12,000 – 18,000 PLN for a mids and 16,000 – 22,000 PLN for a senior.

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