Java developer – what does the job entail?

Because it can be used in many different fields, including banks, insurance or sales companies, Java is a very desirable backend language. It is called a multifunctional language because it can be used to write web, desktop or mobile applications. Another advantage of the language is that programmes written in it may run on multiple platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android phones.


Java is also valued for its flexibility, as it offers the possibility to program a single application for multiple devices, without having to program separate versions for the operating systems in question. As a result, this is a huge time-saver, which can significantly speed up the entire development process.

Java has its own rigid code-writing rules for programming in the language. While this may be a downside for some, it will be a big plus for others, if only because the imposed programming rules allow not only the people who create the code to understand it but also other programmers to take over at any time.

What does a Java Developer do?

A Java developer is a person responsible for creating software in this particular language. While a good understanding of Java is enough for a tester, a developer must be proficient in the programming language. Java developer responsibilities include, among others, designing software and applications, creating well-written, efficient code, diagnosing and fixing bugs, taking care of the application’s performance and working closely with analysts and customers.

Additional necessary skills for a Java Developer:

  • object-oriented programming – as in the case of a tester, this is an essential concept of the Java language, so its understanding is required.
  • system design and architecture – i.e. the most essential parts of the software development process. No matter what language a professional uses, they must choose the suitable architecture and technology stack for software development.
  • web technologies – HTML and CSS are front-end languages often used in Java projects.
  • code version control – tools that help development teams manage source code changes over time and work faster. There are numerous control platforms, including Github, BitBucket, and GitLab.

What technologies does a Java Developer work in?

The main technology in which a Java Developer works, as the name suggests, is the Java programming language (version 8 at least). However, a Java developer should be familiar with a few more of the technologies in which a Java Developer works.

  • SQL – every developer, regardless of which language they are programming in, will sooner or later come into contact with databases in their career, so knowledge of SQL is a must.
  • Spring – the most popular framework for Java, used in mobile, desktop and web applications.
  • Hibernate – an open library, using the object-relational mapping model. It is often used in projects that are based on SQL databases.
  • Docker – a tool used to containerise applications.

As with any job in IT and beyond, soft skills are a vital addition to hard skills. In this case, these include, among others: independence, willingness to improve one’s own qualifications, good organisation of one’s own working time, ability to think logically and openness to communication with other team members.

Job opportunities for Java Developer

There are numerous job offers for the position of Java Developer. The most common requirements, apart from the obvious knowledge of the Java language itself, include excellent English skills (at least B2 level, although C1 is the most common), knowledge of GIT, Docker, the Spring framework or the Hibernate library.

The most frequently recurring benefits presented in Java job adverts include a high salary, online recruitment, remote or hybrid working or a fixed contract length. In addition, some offers offer business travel, retraining budgets, paid holidays on a B2B contract and the opportunity to start work immediately.

How much does a Java developer earn?

The average earnings of Java Developers, employed on a contract basis depending on the position are PLN 6,500 – 10,000 for a junior java developer, PLN 12,000 – 18,700 for a mid java developer and PLN 16,000 – 23,000 for a senior java developer.

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