Who is and what does a .NET Developer do? What is it like to work in this position?

The .NET Framework, also known as .NET, is an open-source runtime environment developed by Microsoft. It is a technology that is not strictly tied to a specific programming language, and programs can be written in languages such as C++, C# or J#, among others. .NET has its origins in the early 2000s when it was released under the closed licence for use on Windows systems. Since then, a lot has changed, as .NET has seen many versions, moved to an open licence, and now it is possible to run applications written using it on Windows, Linux, macOS and other runtime environments.


.NET Developer – what exactly does it do?

The role of .NET Developer is not clear-cut, it depends on the project being designed, as .NET allows applications to be developed for different platforms, including mobile, Azure or web. Moreover, people working in this position have the opportunity to create classic desktop applications using the universal Windows platform. For this reason, the tasks that can be entrusted to .NET developers are really varied, starting with the development of simple console tools, through database-supported software to games on Unity engines.

What skills should a specialist in this position have?

As mentioned earlier, since .NET is not strictly tied to a specific programming language, the .NET Developer has a lot of options to choose from. These are, among others, programming languages, C++, C#, Visual Basic, J#, Python or F# are the most commonly used, depending on demand. In addition to the languages themselves, tools are also important, and these may include the Visual Studio suite or JetBrains.

As in any job, it is not only the hard skills that are essential, soft skills are also taken into account. Fluent English, communication skills, and the ability to work as part of a team or under time pressure can be considered the most desirable ones. Moreover, being eager to acquire new knowledge is also extremely important.

Job opportunities for .NET Developer

There are numerous job offers for the position of .NET Developer. Employers encourage job applicants with various benefits. The most common ones mentioned in .NET Developer job advertisements include a high salary, online recruitment or a fixed-term contract. Additionally, some offers propose retraining budgets, paid holidays on a B2B contract and the possibility of starting work immediately.

Average salaries for a .NET Programmer employed on a contract depending on the position, are PLN 6,000 – 9,000 for a junior, PLN 16,000 – 22,000 for a mids and PLN 14,000 – 20,000 for a senior.

It is understood that the lower earnings limit is offered to applicants without commercial experience, and as skills increase, the candidate can expect rates in the upper range. Of course, this is no rule because the final say lies with the potential employer.

Career prospects for a .NET Developer

Due to the characteristics of .NET itself, it is a technology aimed at developers mostly in the backend direction, but also Fullstack ones. .NET is a relatively friendly framework with no major technical problems, making it a popular choice for Juniors. All the essential knowledge can be acquired independently, so a degree in the field is not necessary. .NET enjoys an extensive community, as well as a plethora of off-the-shelf solutions available on the platform, making the technology constantly evolving and adapting to the changing IT market.

It is also worth mentioning at this point that there has been a real rash of Junior Frontend Developers in recent years. As a result, finding employment in this field is more challenging for those without any commercial experience. In this situation, choosing a backend technology with a lower entry threshold for juniors can increase the chance of getting into the IT world.

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