SAP EWM Consultants Who are they and what do they do?

SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) is an SAP area designed to enhance the efficiency and optimization of warehouse processes. With this solution, it is possible to support business processes in various warehouses, regardless of their size, specifications or technologies used.

Until recently, warehouse management was possible through the SAP WM (Warehouse Management) module. However, changes that have taken place in recent years in warehouse processes, business solutions and IT technologies have led to the development of next-generation solution SAP EWM.


SAP EWM was developed gradually and was originally intended to serve distribution centres, but it was later recognized during its development, that SAP EWM functions would work well in production warehouses. It is thanks to these solutions that the SAP EWM module is considered today one of the best tools created for warehouse management.

Work as SAP EWM Consultant

The work as an SAP EWM Consultant is primarily involves designing, creating, developing and optimizing warehouse management processes. The daily activities of the consultant depend on the customer requirements, available budget, individual procedures or IT standards.As an SAP EWM Consultant, they may be involved in activities such as the planning, supervising and implementating national or international SAP EWM projects, developing IT solutions for warehouse management, and providing comprehensive consultancy services or training.

Responsibilities as SAP EWM Consultant

  • Participation in the implementation of SAP EWM solutions at the customer provision of warehouse management solutions, project management, analysis of business processes, definition of future processes, change management, selection of appropriate tools depending on the needs, active support and implementation training for the customer.
  • Participating in the defining and modelling of business processes, verifying the feasibility of the developed model and comparing it with the capabilities of other packages.
  • Configuring the software and tools according to the requirements of the customer’s business processes and analytical and reporting needs.

Skills required from SAP EWM Consultant

Individuals interested in working in the SAP EWM areashould know what requirements must be met to apply for this position. Here is and example list of requirements:

  • X years of experience in SAP WM and/or EWM work (X depending on junior, mid or senior position);
  • Experience in project activities and analysis of projects prior to implementation;
  • Experience in providing knowledge of business process functionality;
  • Experience in the implementation of quoting and production planning projects;
  • Possess extensive knowledge of warehouse management processes;
  • Orientation in related SAP areas;
  • Comfortable in discussions with business customers;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to express complex technical concepts in business terms;
  • Knowledge of IT systems;
  • Fluency in English;
  • Flexibility and willingness to travel for business, including abroad;


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