SAP FI consultants – who are they and what do they do?

SAP FI or Financial Accounting is an area whose employees are responsible for implementing and supporting financial accounting systems in SAP. They work with clients to design and implement new systems or update existing ones to make sure they meet the client’s business expectations.


Responsibilities of an SAP FI consultant

Like any other person who ties their career to SAP, a consultant must have a strong knowledge of business solutions and be able to move well in this area. As we are talking about specialisation in Financial Accounting, business knowledge in finance should be mentioned as well. Working in this position requires the following:

  • Overseeing the implementation of new projects, including the creation of project plans, schedules and budgets;
  • Creating models to help companies make decisions on new ventures based on realistic revenue and expense projections;
  • Conducting research into market trends and customer buying patterns to identify opportunities for new products or services;
  • Conducting consultations with clients to develop specific business strategies;
  • Analysing financial reports and identifying any issues that may require further investigation;
  • Advising on financial matters such as budgeting and accounting principles;
  • Providing analysis of financial information to various stakeholders in the organisation, such as senior management and board members;
  • Recommending changes in business operations to increase profitability through improved efficiency or better customer service;
  • Developing new accounting standards or processes to support the organisation’s business objectives;

Skills an SAP FI consultant should have

  • Business knowledge – this is the ability to understand the needs of the business and how financial data can help it grow. As an SAP FI consultant, you can work with business leaders to identify the best financial strategies for their company. This requires an in-depth understanding of business operations and how financial data can help the company achieve its goals.
  • Communication skills are essential for an SAP FI consultant, as they allow you to communicate with others and understand feedback. To interact successfully with clients, coworkers, and other professionals, such an SAP FI consultant must have strong communication skills.
  • Problem-solving skills – are essential for success in consulting. An SAP FI consultant may be asked to solve complex problems for their clients at any time, so the ability to identify the source of these problems and develop a solution to them can help you succeed. The person in this position may also be responsible for identifying potential problems and finding ways to prevent them.
  • Data analysis skills – data analysis is the process of examining data to find patterns and draw conclusions from it. An SAP FI consultant may be asked to analyse data to predict the success of a business strategy. Data analysis requires analytical skills, including the ability to identify trends and draw conclusions based on the data you have.
  • Industry knowledge – the FI area is primarily financial intelligence and a key aspect of the industry. An SAP FI consultant must have an in-depth understanding of the finance domain to be successful in their position.