Masters of organization. What do we know about SAP EWM consultants in Poland?

published: 19.12.2023

Probably no professional group has a greater sense of order in their wardrobe or garage than they do. Who are SAP EWM consultants?

What does an EWM consultant do?

A modern warehouse must efficiently adapt to changing business conditions. Not only responding to consumer demand and preferences, but – as demonstrated by the pandemic, export embargoes, or armed conflicts – responding to the unexpected. This is precisely the role of a functional SAP EWM consultant. SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is an efficient warehouse management system that enables companies to precisely control warehouse inventory. By using it, companies can monitor warehouse movements and streamline their operational processes. The effectiveness of the system largely depends on the skills of SAP EWM consultants who implement and improve it. These technical-business experts design, develop, and optimize warehouse management processes. A good consultant will minimize costs and reduce the business risks of the company’s warehouse. They will also help optimize space and improve warehouse processes.

From Key User to Consultant

In Poland, according to LinkedIn, there are about 3,000 SAP EWM consultants. According to the first survey of the SAP community in Poland conducted by Awareson, the largest group (41%) is between 30-40 years old with over 9 years of experience working with SAP. They are most often graduates in management, IT, logistics – and a significant group of former practitioners, Key Users (12%). They speak English well – mostly at a communicative level, but one-third at an expert level. 8 out of 10 have at least basic knowledge of German. They learn to work with EWM mainly independently, in practice, and from more experienced consultants. Most also know other SAP modules – most often MM, SD, and PP.

How do SAP EWM consultants work?

Over 70% of SAP EWM consultants work exclusively or collaborate exclusively with one company – a result similar to the indicator for the entire SAP community. Half work for companies using SAP for their own needs, the rest through agencies and consulting firms. Full-time employment is as popular as B2B company collaboration. Remote work predominates among them (57%) and hybrid work (34%).

Earnings in SAP EWM

Close to half of EWM consultants are satisfied with their salary, but that doesn’t change the fact that as many as 87% of them expect a salary increase this year – most often by about 15%. Traditional factors affecting rates include knowledge of the latest technologies and experience.

They most often earn around PLN 180-250 net per hour on a contract, although rates can go up to PLN 300. In the case of full-time employment, it ranges from PLN 20,000 gross for regular positions to PLN 30,000 for seniors.

Salary is their main motivation for changing jobs. The next ones are development and quality of management. In the next 12 months, the employer plans to change 1/3 of them, and another third does not rule this out.

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