We dispel the myths.

Disaster or opportunity - what do US layoffs and the economic downturn mean for the IT industry in Poland? Find out the results of the latest survey among technology companies and tips from experts.

How many new projects are IT companies planning this year? Who will they lay off and who will they hire?

Find out how to minimise the risk of layoffs and grow in a difficult economic environment. Download the free Awareson report "Layoffs in IT. We dispel the myths." - a reliable analysis of the IT labour market in Poland.

From the report you will find out, among other things:

  • what percentage of companies are holding back new projects and how many are planning expansion,
  • whether technology companies and those with large IT departments will hire or fire employees,
  • which specialists, with what experience, will be the most sought-after and which companies will lay off,
  • how to build an IT team in a crisis,
  • which technologies to focus on,
  • whether IT companies are planning pay rises this year and at what level.

The report is based on surveys conducted among IT managers and HR directors at technology companies, the long experience of Awareson's consultants, the opinions of IT and SAP professionals and managers, and an analysis of the changes that IT labour markets in Western Europe and the US are undergoing.

In the report you will find:

  • the results of a survey among IT companies and with IT departments in Poland on planned investments, employment, layoffs and salaries,
  • tips from experienced IT managers on the upcoming challenges on the labour market,
  • practical advice on building teams in changing economic conditions.
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