SAP Solution Managers – who are they and what is their job like?

SAP Solution is an area that, thanks to automating and streamlining the management of the entire system architecture, enables better management of SAP applications. This specialisation also supports business customers in adapting the technical architecture to the implementation of new business processes.


In addition to providing administrative solutions, the SAP Solution Manager’s tasks also include tracking business processes, managing and monitoring changes to the code as a result of updates, conducting functional tests and managing implementation documentation and other projects.

Key SAP Solution Manager tasks

Any person who associates their career with SAP must have a strong knowledge of business solutions and navigate well in this area. Along with these points, the Solution Manager must have additional knowledge to perform the key tasks of this position, which include:

  • identifying and documenting all business processes for SAP solutions, including partner components, custom code and interfaces,
  • identifying the needs of business partners and fulfilling them through collaborative processes,
  • developing documentation for final code,
  • defining unit test requirements,
  • defining the requirements and scope of integration tests based on the analysis of the effect of changes, creating automated and manual test cases, managing testers and comprehensively reporting on the progress and results of these tests,
  • synchronising technical objects,
  • analysing the potential impact of updates on key performance indicators such as stability or performance,
  • controlling critical processes, interfaces, components and tasks based on business performance indicators (KPIs),
  • comprehensive management of SAP support services, from automatic alerting of service requirements to delivery and follow-up, with a particular focus on continuous quality checks (CQC) and support consulting.

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